Hey guys,

Second to last week now, I know, I know, it’ll be sad to have to end for another Trimester but let’s just enjoy the time we have, take a break from each other and come back fresh for another Trimester.

There are a few things to report:
– Trivia Night is being organised and we’ll endeavor to get you the details asap.
– Noise levels need to be addressed, warnings were made, a 3 warning system has now been implemented
– We’re getting ready to start looking into anime to screen for next trimester, so start suggesting your faves! Remember, preferably unlicensed but Hanabee is okay, no Madman, no Siren Visual and no Hentai.

Our most recent newsletter, containing more details on above topics:
DAC Newsletter 25th Sept

Anime for screening Friday the 25th:
Shirobako Episode 19/20/21
Hibike! Euphonium Episode 11
Kokoro Connect Episode 16
DanMachi Epiode 12
Shokugeki no Soma Episode 19/20/21
Owari no Seraph Episode 11

See you there!

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