News for this week:
We’re now taking anime suggestions for t1, 2018

Coming up on Saturday the 20th of January(Originally on the 13th), we will be holding an art event, a chance for some of us to draw, share ideas and tips together. This event will be in the mezz from 12-4pm.

The club art contest is still running, the current deadline is the 21st of January, and is subject to change.

This week’s episodes:
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: 9
Aho Girl: 9
Tsurezure Children: 9
Senyuu: 23
Flip Flappers: 9
Your lie in april: 17,18
KonoSuba s2: 9
Starmyu: 9
Scum’s Wish: 9
Kabaneri of the iron fortress: 9

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