Anime fans of DAC, the 2018 agm is upon us this week!

The 2018 annual general meeting will take place on Friday, where we will decide the council for 2019. If you or anyone you know wants to run for a council position, we are taking nominations from now. All nominees must be club members, and only Deakin students can run for President, Secretary or Treasurer. Vice President, IT manager, Publicist and Events manager nominations are open to both student and non student members.

We’re now taking anime suggestions for T3. Let us know what you want to see in the lineup.

Bad Anime Night 2018 #2: Capitol Punishment in The Room takes place on September 22nd, at 6pm in Lecture Theater 2, Building i. Prepare for a night of laughter, yelling and madness…and some other stuff.

Also, this weekend madfest is on, to those who are going, have fun!

Hinamatsuri -10
A place further than the universe – 11
Space Patrol Luluco- 11
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – 11
My hero Academia season 2 – 20, 21
Oshiete! Galko-Chan – 10
Anicient Magus Bride – 19, 20
Violet Evergarden –11
See you there!

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