Ahoy there! Week 9 inbound!

Anyone who purchased an animaga pass this week, will be getting it via the email address they provided, present it when you get to the event on whichever day you are attending.

Animaga is featuring the anime clubs of Victoria panel at 3:30pm on Saturday, and 2:30pm on Sunday, where a couple of our council members will be representing the club in the introductions and Q+A panel on the respective days. So be sure to drop by and say hello if you are coming.

The old school anime event will be running on Monday 18th at 6pm in LT4, Building I. It is sure to be a fun little nostalgia trip. It is also our event manager’s birthday, so treats may be involved.

The AGM will take place next Saturday at 5pm, before bad anime night starts. Nominations for the 2018 council are still open, so to nominate yourself or anyone else, just shoot a message to the event page, or to a council member.

Bad Anime night 2017 #2(Electric Boogaloo) is at 6pm on the 23rd, in LT1, Building I, just across from our regular spot this trimester. Hopefully everyone will be set to take on the madness that awaits.

This week’s episodes:
Interviews with monster girls-10, 11
Gabriel DropOut!-10
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid-10
Yuri!!! On Ice-10
Death Parade-10
Youjo Senki, Saga of Tanya the evil-10
Bungou Stray Dogs: 22
See you there!

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