Hey Guys,

A rather moderately sized post this time as there is a bit to cover. I hope all those that attended the recent Animaga Convention had a good time, as a sort of veteran of conventions I myself did not find it all that great, needless to say it still has a lot of improving to do, never the less I hope the many who attended enjoyed themselves.

Just a reminder that Bad Anime Night is on this Saturday the 12th in LT1 at 6-11pm. Please be on time as we won’t be waiting around for you, if you’re late you miss out. Also, please do not expect dinner to be provided as it may or may not, so come prepared with other options. We thank you for your understanding.

Also, please be aware that as we did not air the scheduled double of Kokoro Connect on the night of the AGM and again last week as we aired a different double, it will be aired this week alongside the double of DanMachi, so please be aware that we will likely run late.

Anime for screening Friday 11th Sept:
Shirobako Episode 15/16
Hibike! Euphonium Episode 9
Kokoro Connect Episode 13/14
DanMachi Epiode 8/9
Shokugeki no Soma Episode 15/16
Owari no Seraph Episode 8

We look forward to seeing you at this week’s screening and we thank you for all your patience and understanding while we sort out some minor issues.

Ja ne

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