Hey guys,

Week 7 now, and the AGM is over an done with, phew! Now we can get back to what we love most. Anime.

In case you missed out on the AGM and are unaware of the new council members here they are for you now:
President: Eoin Maguire
Secretary: Jess Hillman
Treasurer: Dean Panich
Vice President: Meg Innes
Events Manager: James Katakis
Publicist: Helena Plozza
IT Manager: Daniel Coomans

Yes, that means you’re all stuck with me another year, muhahaha! Congrats to all the new council and thank you to all candidates and attendees, the AGM cannot run without you and we give you our thanks for your patience and understanding.

Here is our most recent newsletter for you:
DAC Newsletter 4th Sept

We’ll see you all on Friday the 4th!

Ja ne

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