The AGM is this Friday at 6pm, and will be held via Zoom. The link to the meeting will be emailed on Thursday evening to all current members.
In this meeting, our council will give their reports on the past year, our members can give their thoughts, and we will elect our club council for 2020.

On Discord-
This Week Thursday 6:00pm Weekly Screening P1…
Aggrestsuko Ep 13 
HitoriBocchi Ep 7 
How Heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift? Ep 7
Fruits Basket (2019) Ep 13,14 

Friday Weekly Screening P2 6:30pm…
Aggrestsuko Ep 14
Astra Lost In Space Ep 7 
The Rising of the Shield Hero Ep 13,14
Beastars Ep 7 

Friday 8:30pm Trash Tanuki Features
For this week: In another “we riff”, we take a look at Killer Bean Forever. Jeff Lew gives us a pretty neat dance number, and a pretty weird film.

Sunday 6:00pm Secretary Screenings… 
Classroom Of The Elite Ep1,2
Princess Principle Ep1,2

See you there!

Thanks to DUSA’s help, online sign-ups are available. If you’d like to join DAC again this year simply head to this link to go straight to the DUSA portal and follow the instructions below.

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