We’re BA-ACK! Weekly meetings are on again for the next six weeks of tri 2.

The 2019 AGM is set for our September 6 weekly meeting, commencing at 6pm. Only current club members will be able to be in attendance for the duration of the agm, all others will wait outside until it is over, and the anime screenings begin.
Nominations are open for council positions, you can nominate yourself or someone else.
Only current deakin students, that will be students in 2020 can run for President, Secretary, and Treasurer
Any club member can run for Vice Pres., It Manager, Events Manager, and our two new positions, that are replacing the Publicist position, Internal relations officer, and External relations officer.

Coming in September we have two much loved events returning.

Firstly, on the 21st, along with JASS, we are hitting the HOT SPRINGS!
Info and ticket sales to come.
Then the following Saturday, is BAD ANIME NIGHT!

This week’s lineup:
Senko-san: 7
Kaguya-sama: Love is war: 7
Today’s menu for the Emiya family: 8
SSSS.Gridman: 7
Carole and Tuesday: 13, 14
Isekai Quartet: 7
Girl’s last tour: 7
Demon Slayer: 14, 15, 16
See you there!

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