Week 7, We’re halfway through, people.

This weeks screenings will take place on THURSDAY the 25th, in LT1, Building I, due to rooms being booked out this friday and weekend for Deakin University’s open day. We’ll be back to our regular day and location next week.

Animaga is on this weekend(27th/28th) at the Melbourne Showgrounds, and is set to be a great event.

Then next week(3rd/4th Sep) is the inaugural Madman anime festival at the melbourne exhibition centre.

We have had a number of nominations for the positions in our club council at the upcoming agm, and we are still accepting them up until the meeting commences on the 10th of September at 4:30pm.
You can nominate yourself or another member of the club.

Bad Anime night will take place after the agm is all wrapped up, so be sure to stick around for a night that is sure to entertain and shock.

This week’s episode lineup:
Sakamoto desu ga?-7
Ace Attorney-8
Sekkou boys- 7
Osomatsu-san- 14,15
Kiznaiver- 7
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash- 7
Ushio and Tora- 14, 15
Blood Blockade Battlefront- 7

See you there!

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