It’s week 7, which means for many of you it will be assignment crunch time. But do leave some time to enjoy the fun things in life, like anime club! (Education is important)

This past weekend we had the cosplay and member’s choice events, we hope everyone who attended enjoyed them.

For those that missed Member’s choice, we screened:
Azumanga Daioh
Steins Gate
Shokugeki no Soma
Violet Evergarden
Spice and Wolf
Cowboy Bebop
Legend of the Galactic Heroes

This weekend at the Melbourne showgrounds is Supanova pop culture expo, who’s going?

This Thursday, April 19th, we and the Japanese Australian Social Society are holding a film night for both our clubs, in Lecture Theater 11, Building B at 6pm. We plan to show ‘A Silent Voice’ and ‘Edge of  Tomorrow’, and snacks and dinner will be provided for attendees.

We have two events set for May, Games night and Bad Anime Night, more info to come.

This week’s episodes:
Little Witch Academia: 13, 14
Pop Team Epic: 7
Blend S: 7
March comes in like a lion: 13, 14
My Hero Academia: 8
Land of the Lustrous: 7
Made in Abyss: 7

See you there!

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