There will be two meetings this week, on Friday and Sunday, due to all rooms at Deakin being booked out from Friday the 24th of August for Open day. The Sunday 19th meeting will commence at 5pm, since we know many of you have work the next day.

On August 25th, we’ll be holding a learn to play event at nekocards in the city, we’ll be playing cardfight vanguard and weiss schwarz. Please register your interest, as we do need to give numbers.

Madman entertainment are giving our members 10% off entry to Madman anime festival, when you purchase your tickets online.

  • 10% discount code for Day passes – Password: DAY10
  • 10% discount for Weekend passes – Password: WK10

Please note that both codes expire at 11:59pm on Aug 31,2018, so get in fast.

We now have a date for the hot springs event, it will take place on saturday September 8th.
Buy your tickets at:

The 2018 annual general meeting will take place on September 14th, where we will decide the council for 2019. If you or anyone you know wants to run for a council position, we are taking nominations from now. All nominees must be club members, and only Deakin students can run for President, Secretary or Treasurer. Vice President, IT manager, Publicist and Events manager nominations are open to both student and non student members.

August 17th anime
Hinamatsuri -6
A place further than the universe – 7
Space Patrol Luluco- 7
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – 6
My hero Academia season 2 – 11, 12
Oshiete! Galko-Chan – 6
Anicient Magus Bride – 11,12
Violet Evergarden – 6, 7

August 19th anime
Hinamatsuri -7
A place further than the universe – 8
Space Patrol Luluco- 8
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – 7,8
My hero Academia season 2 – 13, 14
Oshiete! Galko-Chan – 7
Anicient Magus Bride – 13, 14
Violet Evergarden – 8

See you there!

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