Time for week 6.

Our oldschool anime event was a blast this past weekend, we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Anyone who has put their name down for the discount animaga, please get your payment to us ASAP.

Next month, on the 10th of September, is the date for the AGM at 4:30pm, where elections for the 2017 club council will occur. If you wish to nominate yourself or anyone else, send us a message or email at deakinanimeclub@gmail.com.

After the AGM is out of the way, we will be hosting our favourite event: Bad anime night. More information about it available on the events page.

This week’s episode lineup:
Sakamoto desu ga?-6
Ace Attorney-7
Sekkou boys- 6
Osomatsu-san- 12,13
Kiznaiver- 6
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash- 6
Ushio and Tora- 11, 12, 13
Blood Blockade Battlefront- 6

See you there!

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