Hey Guys,

We’re finally back after a week’s rest, and hopefully we’re all ready for some more Food Wars =D Just kidding, the rest of the line up is good too.

Just another reminder that the AGM is in just over a week, so please be sure that you are in attendance, obviously if you’re busy we’re not going to force you. But if you can make it, it is highly encouraged. Also, in regards to Bad Anime Night, we’ll be closing off suggestions around two weeks before the event so that the council can deliberate on the series’ we’ll be screening, so please be aware of this and make your suggestions before then, as after that cut off point, we’ll not be accepting any more suggestions.

Here’s our latest newsletter:
DAC Newsletter 21st Aug

Anime for screening 21st of August:
Shirobako Episode 9/10
Hibike! Euphonium Episode 5
Kokoro Connect Episode 9/10
DanMachi Epiode 5
Shokugeki no Soma Episode 9/10
Owari no Seraph Episode 5

See you all Friday night!
Ja ne

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