Week 5 Ahoy,

With under two weeks until the hot springs event, we and JASS: Japanese-Australian Social Society at Deakin, have decided to extend the deadline for ticket sales by a week, and for a limited quantity. If you have yet to buy yours, better get in quick to secure your spot.

Now that we no longer need to double/triple up on the episodes of certain series’, screenings will be finishing a little earlier. Thanks to those who submitted their responses to our survey, we will take your opinions into consideration when we work on club activities.

This week’s episode line-up:
Flying Witch: 5
Sweetness and lightning: 5
I can’t understand what my husband is saying S2: 5
Re:Zero: 10, 11
Bungou Stray Dogs: 5
Rokka: Braves of the six flowers: 5
After War Gundam X: 9, 10
Plastic Memories: 6
Black Bullet: 6

See you there!
Due to Deakin University being closed on April 14th, Good Friday, Screenings will run on Monday April 10th in its place, for anime screening #6. Maybe some of you who find it hard to make it to screenings on Friday nights may be able to make it this time around, and maybe we might look to do more on other weeknights in the future…

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