Hey guys,

Week #4 now and things are in full swing, the AGM is planned and will be going ahead on Friday the 28th in LT1 just before our regular screenings at 5.30pm, all our veteran members will know how it works but for the newbies here’s the basics:

– We open with a statement from the president
– Council Executives will announce an annual report on the club and it’s finances
– We will then have all nominees come up and present themselves to the club (You are not required to give a speech)
– The council will then take votes during dinner break
– The new council will be announced at the end of dinner break

The new council will then attend a meeting with the previous council in which we explain in detail all the roles, after which the new council will be considered sworn in and their power will take effect.

We are also planning for Bad Anime night, so be sure to let us know the worst anime you’ve seen and just have to share with us. Nothing is banned, everything is fair game, but remember that all the members have their own story and may be offended, so all we ask is that you have just a little tact in suggesting a series. Shoot over to our event section where the event will be up shortly.

Anime for Screening Friday the 7th Aug:
Shirobako Episodes 7/8
Hibike! Euphonium Episode 4
Kokoro Connect Episodes 7/8
DanMachi Episode 4
Shokugeki no Soma Episodes 7/8
Owari no Seraph EpisodeĀ 

Hope to see you all there!

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