Hey Hey! It’s anime club on Saturday!

Due to Good Friday this week, we will be running on Saturday, March 31st at 6pm in Lecture theater 1, Building I.
In addition, we’ll be running a small swap meet. If there is anything you want to sell, whether it be dvds, manga, video games, figurines, cosplays etc. Bring it down and you may find a buyer.

Friday April 6th’s meeting will also take place in LT1.

In April we have three events. On April 14th we have our cosplay picnic and member’s choice event. On the 19th, with JASS, we are holding a film night. More information on these events available on the event page.

This week’s episodes:
Little Witch Academia: 7, 8
Pop Team Epic: 4
Blend S: 4
March comes in like a lion: 7, 8
My Hero Academia: 5
Land of the Lustrous: 4
Made in Abyss: 4

See you there!

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