Well now we’re into week 4 of the trimester, and we’re still going strong.

If anyone saw our post on the events page, you will see that we will be running a hot spring event on Tuesday the 18th of April.

This event is run in conjunction with the fine people at JASS: Japanese-Australian Social Society at Deakin. Tickets are now on sale for a limited time, and to a limited amount, so get yours while stocks last.

On sale at: http://jassdachotspring2017.getqpay.com/

This week’s episode line-up:
Flying Witch: 4
Sweetness and lightning: 4
I can’t understand what my husband is saying S2: 4
Re:Zero: 8, 9
Bungou Stray Dogs: 4
Rokka: Braves of the six flowers: 4
After War Gundam X: 7, 8
Plastic Memories: 5
Black Bullet: 4, 5
See you there!

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