Coming up Saturday, we will hold a screening in appreciation of english dubbed anime in Lt1a.

On December 7th, we get together with the other anime clubs, from Melbourne Uni, Monash, Rmit, and Latrobe for a christmas party, set to be held at the Alumni Courtyard, at rmit in the city.

We also plan to hold a christmas party here at deakin, just prior to the christmas break

How has your year been at the club? Let us know what you’d want to see in the coming year.

This Week’s Episodes:
Yuru Camp- 3
Asobi Asobase- 3
Are you lost?- 3
Wotakoi, Love is hard for an otaku- 3
Dr. Stone- 5,6
Jingai-san no yome- 3
Gangsta- 3
The Promised Neverland- 3
Vinland Saga- 5, 6

See you there!

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