Week 3, Let’s Go!

Since most of the shows in the lineup have 13 or 25 episodes, we will be doubling or tripling on some shows over the coming weeks. This week will be a double serving of ‘ A place further than the universe’

Who plans on going to animaga in August?
Who wants to get in a little bit cheaper?
We’re doing discounted tickets for our club members, one-day tickets for $23 and weekend tickets for $38. Just come down to the front, show your member card, bring cash, and leave your details. You’ll receive your ticket closer to the event.

This Saturday, July 28th at 6pm, we have our old school anime event on in LT2. Prepare for a nostalgia trip.

Our lineup for this week in T2:
Hinamatsuri -3
A place further than the universe – 3,4
Space Patrol Luluco- 3
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – 3
My hero Academia season 2 – 5,6
Oshiete! Galko-Chan – 3
Anicient Magus Bride – 5,6
Violet Evergarden – 3

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