The club showcase is on campus this Thursday, the 25th from 11am-12pm, and 1pm-2:15pm. If you have yet to register or renew for the year, come on down, and see us and all the other uni clubs.
Register at:

This week’s anime on discord:
Thursday 6:30pm Weekly Screening P1…
My Next Life as a Villianess Ep 3
Horimiya Ep 3
Revue Starlight Ep 3

Weekly Screening P2 6:30pm…
Wandering Witch: Journey of Elaina Ep 3
Wonder Egg Priority Ep 3
Jujutsu Kaisen Ep 5,6

Trash Tanuki Features 8:30pm…
For this week: We Have Raiders of Galaxy, what appears to be a Mazinger knockoff, no relation to Guardians of the Galaxy

Sunday 6:00pm President Screenings… 
Sakura Quest Ep 1,2
Banana Fish Ep 1,2  

See you there!

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