Week #3 is upon us.

If you have signed up for 2018 and have yet to recieve your member card or sticker, come to the front of the lecture theater at the meeting this friday with your email receipt and we’ll give you your new member package.

Due to Deakin being closed on March 30th(Good Friday), we will be holding our meeting for that week on Saturday March 31st in Lecture Theater 1, Building I, where we will also be in on the April 6th Meeting.

Events in April:
14th-Cosplay Meet
14th-Member’s Choice
19th-Film Night

To suggest an anime title for member’s choice, you must be a part of the club hangout group on Facebook. We will then hold a poll to decide the anime that will be in the lineup for the evening.

Coming Soon-
T1 Bad Anime Night
Hot Spring Event

This week’s episodes:
Little Witch Academia: 5, 6
Pop Team Epic: 3
Blend S: 3
March comes in like a lion: 5, 6
My Hero Academia: 4
Land of the Lustrous: 3
Made in Abyss: 3

See you there!

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