This is the last meeting for trimester 3, thanks for coming!

O week at deakin is set for March 2nd and 3rd, and you bet we’ll be there! Each day we will have a prize draw for all those that sign up on the day. If anyone wishes to join us in running the table, get in touch with any council member.

Following O week, we will hold a welcome party on March 7th. Location tbc.

Trimester 1 weekly meetings are currently set to commence on March 13th.

You can put forth your suggestions for trimester one now. Either on discord or on the facebook group post.

This Week’s Episodes:
Yuru Camp- 12
Asobi Asobase- 12
Are you lost?- 12
Wotakoi, Love is hard for an otaku- OVA Ep
Dr. Stone- 23, 24
Jingai-san no yome- 12
Gangsta- 12
The Promised Neverland- 12
Vinland Saga- 23, 24

See you there!

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