Well friends we made it to the end of the trimester, best of luck with your studies, and pray and hope that we can run in person soon enough.

The way things are looking, we may have to wait until the very end of the year, if we can, to return to campus.
We will consider what anime to show in t3, after exams are over, so you can continue to put forth your suggestions until then.

Until October 10th, we will run a little contest. To enter, simply come up with a plot to an isekai series, in 50 words or less. Open to all members.

Throwback Tuesdays at 6:00pm…
Kuroko’s Basketball 1,2
Sakura Wars Ouka Kenran 3,4

This Week Thursday 6:00pm Weekly Screening P1…
HitoriBocchi Ep 12
How Heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift? Ep 12
Fruits Basket (2019) Ep 24,25

Friday Weekly Screening P2 6:00pm…
Astra Lost In Space Ep 12 (Double Length)
The Rising of the Shield Hero Ep 24,25
Beastars Ep 12

Trash Tanuki Features 8:30pm
In a return to rifftrax this week, we have Stone Cold(not Steve Austin), starring Brian Bostworth.

Sunday 6:00pm Secretary Screenings… 
The Misfit of Demon King Academy Ep 1,2
Erased Ep 1,2

See you there!

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