This is it, the end of trimester 2, thank you for coming, and we hope you’ve all enjoyed yourselves.
Weekly meetings for tri 3 will commence on November 8th. Location tbc.

For those wondering what we watched at bad anime night, here is the list:
Super Gals
Energy Bomb
Learning with manga! FGO!
Dragon Half
Do you love your mom and her two hit multi target attacks
Urusei Yatsura(British Dub)
Valvrave the liberator
Bloody Bunny
Berserk 2016
Pet Shop of Horrors

After exams are over, we will hold another all-day anime and game marathon, in lecture theaters 3 and 4, on Saturday October 19th from 12pm-11pm.
Before tri 3 starts, on Nov. 1st, put your knowledge to the test at trivia night.

This week’s lineup:
Senko-san: 12
Kaguya-sama: Love is war: 12
Today’s menu for the Emiya family: 13
SSSS.Gridman: 12
Carole and Tuesday: 23, 24
Isekai Quartet: 12
Girl’s last tour: 12
Demon Slayer: 25, 26
See you there!

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