Welp, we’ve reached the end of the trimester. We hope you’ve all enjoyed the past trimester at deakin anime club. We know it may be a little cramped in lecture theater 4, so we’re going to try to get our paws on a bigger lecture theater next trimester.
Trimester 2 meetings will commence on July 13th. If you want to suggest a title for the council to consider, leave a comment.

To all those that came to bad anime night this past Saturday, we hope you aren’t too scarred.

We will be taking a little break during the exam period, and we will run our next events in late June.

Tickets are still on sale for our hot spring event at http://hotspringevent2018.getqpay.com/
Tickets are $35 for club members .

This week’s episodes:
Little Witch Academia: 24, 25
Pop Team Epic: 12
Blend S: 12
March comes in like a lion: 22
My Hero Academia: 13
Land of the Lustrous: 12
Made in Abyss: 13 (double length episode)

See you there!

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