This week.
Throwback Tuesdays at 6:00pm…
Tsuritama Ep1,2
The Devil is a part timer Ep1,2

This Week Thursday 6:00pm Weekly Screening P1…
Aggrestsuko Ep 19  
HitoriBocchi Ep 11
How Heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift? Ep 11
Fruits Basket (2019) Ep 21,22,23

Friday Weekly Screening P2 6:00pm…
Aggrestsuko Ep 20
Astra Lost In Space Ep 11
The Rising of the Shield Hero Ep 22,23
Beastars Ep 11

Trash Tanuki Features 8:30pm
For this week: This week we delve into the weird world of Neil Breen, as we watch “Fateful Findings”

Sunday 6:00pm Secretary Screenings…
Comic Girls Ep1,2
Iroduku: The World in Colours Ep 1,2

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