This may be the last week of classes, but it’s the second last week of t2 meetings, NEXT week is the last one, where we’ll hold our end of tri raffle at the start of the evening.

The last event before exams commence will be Bad Anime Night(Victory Road The Quickening), this Saturday at 6 in Lt2. Be ready for a night of laughs, screams, and tears. Also food.+
After exams are over, we will hold another all-day anime and game marathon, in lecture theaters 3 and 4, on Saturday October 19th from 12pm-11pm.

We’re still open to suggestions for t3 anime

This week’s lineup:
Senko-san: 11
Kaguya-sama: Love is war: 11
Today’s menu for the Emiya family: 12
SSSS.Gridman: 11
Carole and Tuesday: 21, 22
Isekai Quartet: 11
Girl’s last tour: 11
Demon Slayer: 23, 24
See you there!

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