We have two more screenings left this trimester, let’s enjoy them while we still can.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the post in the hangout, we are now taking anime suggestions for trimester 2. If you know a title that would be a great addition to the lineup, let us know, and remember, no hentai.

Just a shout out to the Japan festival this Sunday May 21st at Box Hill Town Hall,
Information available at: http://www.jcv-au.org/japanfestival/japan-festival-en

The final event of the month is the card game event on  Monday May 22nd at 6pm in Room HE2.006. Ever wanted to learn about playing trading card games? Then this is a good chance to learn. Nekocards are proudly supporting this event.

This week’s episode line-up:
Flying Witch: 11
Sweetness and lightning: 11
I can’t understand what my husband is saying S2: 12
Re:Zero: 22, 23
Bungou Stray Dogs: 11
Rokka: Braves of the six flowers: 11
After War Gundam X: 21, 22
Plastic Memories: 12
Black Bullet: 12
See you there!

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