Wer’e close to the end of trimester 1, have you put forward some anime that you want to see next trimester?

Bad Anime Night is on May 19th, prepare yourselves…prepare your brains…prepare your vocabulary…

The following day, the 20th is the Japanese festival at box hill town hall, an event featuring cultural activities and more for all. Entry is $5, or free if you are cosplaying or wearing a yukata/kimono

You can now buy Tickets for the June 19th Hot Spring event at: http://hotspringevent2018.getqpay.com/
Tickets are $40 for club members .

This week’s episodes:
Little Witch Academia: 19, 20, 21
Pop Team Epic: 10
Blend S: 10
March comes in like a lion: 19, 20
My Hero Academia: 11
Land of the Lustrous: 10
Made in Abyss: 10

See you there!

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