Welcome to Trimester 3. We hope that you enjoyed the tri break, and are well rested for the final stretch of the year.
As for us, we have been busy planning some changes for the server, which you will hopefully hear about in the coming months.
First things first, for the seeable future, all club activities will remain online until DUSA (Deakin University Student Association) informs us that we can return on on-campus events. Unfortunately we have no time frame for when this might change, but we will let you know when we get the all good to resume.

Aside from this, We are ready to announce the shows that we will be screening for this trimester, starting this Thursday and Friday, which are:
Thursday 6:00pm
Yuru Camp 2nd Season (No Prior Knowledge needed): 1
Persona 4 The Animation (Dub): 1,2
Deca-Dence: 1

Friday 6:00pm
Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan: 1
Cells at Work: Black: 1
Darling in the FranXX: 1, 2
86 (Season 2): 1

Later this month, look forward to our trivia event. Wherein we will test your knowledge of the anime we have shown in the main lineups during trimesters 1 and 2.

See you there!

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