While the lockdown may have ended, we cannot run on campus just yet.
We will start the trimester’s anime online for the time being, with the possibility of continuing in person if we are able to in the future.
The format for online anime screenings will be as it was last trimester, we’ll be running on Thursday and Friday evenings from 6pm on discord.
Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You Ep 1
Princess Connect! Re:Dive Ep 1
SSSS.Dynazenon Ep 1
Odd Taxi Ep 1

Run with the Wind Ep 1,2
Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song Ep 1
86 Ep1

We are sorry it has to be this way as I’m sure you, along with us, wished to see each other in person
If there are any changes we will inform you both through Discord and our club email.
Hope to see you at the screenings, and as usual, stay safe.

See you there!

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