Welcome back for another trimester of anime goodness everybody, and welcome to the club to all our newcomers!

First piece of news is that we are doing discounted passes for animaga 2019 for club members.
The prices are as follows:
1-day $26
2-day $42

We are taking payments at any meeting starting this coming week, up until the 3rd of August. This deal is open to club members only so do make sure you’re a current member before you purchased.

Coming up on July 28th, we have our karaoke event at kbox forest hill. Tickets will be on sale soon.

This week’s lineup:
Senko-san: 1
Kaguya-sama: Love is war: 1
Today’s menu for the Emiya family: 1
SSSS.Gridman: 1
Carole and Tuesday: 1,2
Isekai Quartet: 1
Girl’s last tour: 1
Demon Slayer: 1,2

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