s720_gjxks6jc_170114Hello and welcome back for another trimester of anime fun here at Deakin Anime Club! 😀

We’re trying out something starting this trimester.For a while, we had a lot of anime playing, but not enough time for you all to talk and catch up with everyone, so we’ve adjusted the layout of our meetings. Dinner break now lasts an hour, and the short break is approx 20 mins long now.

In addition, the first 25 minutes of our meetings will be dedicated to more social activities. This includes having a club wide discussion about topics like our anime lineup, recent news in pop culture, discussion on club happenings and more. We’d also like to do some small activities, like a mini trivia contest, or video games etc.

This week in our lineup-
Interviews with monster girls-1
Gabriel DropOut!-1
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid-1
Yuri!!! On Ice-1
Death Parade-1
Youjo Senki, Saga of Tanya the evil-1
Bungou Stray Dogs-13

We’ll be showing the rest of After War Gundam X at a later date, more info on that to come.

See you there!

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