Welcome to Trimester 1 of 2022, and of course, welcome to Deakin Anime Club to any of our new members It’s great that we are finally able to go back to in-person screenings for the first time since Week 1 Tri 1 2020, 2 YEARS AGO (Wow, those were the longest shortest 2 years of my life).

So What’s On the Agenda This week, on Friday the 11th of March, we will have our first screening of the year, which I’ve included a handy map down below. The Location and the time we will start are:
6pm in Building I on the top floor. The best entrances are from Morgan’s Walk (The Big Long Path which goes from Burwood Hwy to the library) from either the stairs out the front or the big sliding doors on ground level.
So what’s happening there? We will be starting our weekly screenings that will run across the entire Trimester at the same time and place every Friday (Unless something happens, But we’ll let you know), but if you can’t make it in person, don’t worry, we will be (attempting) to hold our screenings on discord as well.
To kick things off, we will be holding a Big Giveaway , but what will be there you ask? Well you will just have to come and find out. But I can give you a bit of inside knowledge. We will be giving away 1 Double Pass and 5 Buy 1 Get 1 Free passes to the upcoming JUJUSTU KAISEN 0 Movie,
Proudly brought to you by our sponsors at Madman and Animela..
I mean Funimat…
I mean Crunchyroll, Which comes out in Cinemas March 17th.

Alongside this giveaway, we will also be holding an informal group watch of the film at the Burwood Reading Cinema just down the road from Deakin (It’s actually a really good cinema, I was quite surprised to find that out), But the details for that haven’t been finalized yet, so keep an ear out on here and on Facebook in the coming week and a bit for more details

This week’s anime:
Komi Can’t Communicate 1
Kakushigoto 1
Star Wars Visions 1
Fena Pirate Princess 1
Assasination Classroom 1, 2
Koro Sensei Quest 1
Shadows House 1
Mushoku Tensei 1, 2

See you there!

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