Welcome everybody to the start of a new uni year at deakin anime club.

Anime starts every Friday at 6pm in lecture theater 2, and we have the room from 5 for those that want to come early and hang out before we begin.
We will run every week except Good Friday(April 10th).

From next week, we will hold additional meetings on Wednesdays at 1pm to 3pm for anime or games. Usually we will be in Lt1, but location is subject to change.

This Saturday is games night from 6pm in building i, where we will have video games and table top games. Pizza will be provided.

This week’s episode lineup:
Hitori Bocchi- 1
How heavy are the dumbbells you lift?- 1
Fruits Basket- 1, 2
Astra Lost in Space-1(double length episode)
Rising of the Shield Hero -1(double length episode)
Beastars- 1
See you there!

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