Hiya Everyone! How’s your break been? Hopefully not spending in FGO NA for Skadi

Next week we will be beginning Anime Stuff again as it’ll be week 1 of Tri 2.


Due to Restrictions being set back for us again ~~Rip the dreams~~ This Tri will also be online for all of our screenings.

SOOOOO Heres how we are gonna do this this Tri.

Wed: Board Games Night

Thurs: Weekly Anime Screenings P1

Fri: Weekly Anime Screenings P2,
Trash Tanuki Features

Sun: Secretary Screenings

Wowee thats a lot of stuff so lets get into it

Every Wednesday on a weekly schedule we will be hosting games to come and play along or watch! Most of the stuff will be Jackbox and through Tabletop Simulator so look forward to that!

Remember when we said we were going to move our initial screenings from Tri 1 to Tri 2 well they are now here! BUT we are gonna try something a little different.

Starting from the 16th of July at 6:00pm every Thursday we will be showing these selection of shows…


How heavy are the dumbbells you lift?

Fruits Basket

And on Friday the 17th of July every week at 6:00pm we will be showing…

Astra Lost in Space

Rising of the Shield Hero


Yep our screenings now have been split in half! If you’re wondering where Aggrestsuko went that’ll be at the beginning before each screening!


Considering how all the screenings are online we will be timestamping roughly were each anime will start. So you can catch what anime you’re interested in at the time you want!

In addition to all the other stuff we have going online, on Fridays after screenings, at 8:30pm on discord, we have Trash Tanuki Features, where we screen films from Rifftrax and Mystery Science theater 3000.

For those that have followed the previous tri SECRETARY SCREENINGS ARE BACK

Every Sunday 6:00pm ill be showing a 2 different shows every week being the first 2 eps per show. The goal was to show off different shows you might now have been interested in watching so i hope you find something you enjoy every week!

All these will be on our Discord so come and join if you still haven’t already!

The discord link is in the announcement section of this group

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