The Trimester may be over, but the fun continues online.
Throwbacks will now run on Thursdays from 6pm, and Secretary Screenings are on Friday from 6pm.

Who’s up for something fun?
We’re giving away three $20 vouchers to use at our sponsor critical hit, in a little contest.
To enter, in 50 words or less, come up with a premise to an Isekai(characters sent to another world) series, and submit it either on the post on facebook, or on discord.
We plan to select three winners by lucky draw, member popularity, and council choice respectively.
Competition open to members only. Ideas must be your own(don’t cheat).
Entries close Oct 10th at 11:59pm
Good luck!

Throwback Anime is now on Thursday @6pm AEST with
Noragami Ep 1,2
Higurashi: When They Cry (2006) Ep 1,2

Secretary Screenings will be as follows on Friday 6:00pm…
Haikyuu!!! Ep 1,2
Angel Beats Ep 1,2

Trash Tanuki Features Friday 8pm-
This week we take a look at an anime film adaptation of an obscure video game, it’s Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. Come riff with us!

See you there!

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