Good afternoon everyone.

Alright guys, club returned last week with a double of the Pilot’s Love Song, this week it’s very much the same as last week in terms of episodes being screened. From here on, we’re a little pressed for time, thus as of last week we’ve begun screening an extra episode of at least one of our series each week. This is how the rest of the trimester will run until it’s end in February, so if you can’t stick around to watch the extras then feel free to come and get them from your IT Manager; Daniel, as I have all of the anime from start to finish.

Now that we’re past the half way point in our trimester, we’re looking for anime to screen for trimester 1 of 2015, as such we’re always looking for suggestions from the club, after all, we’re here to bring the best experience straight to you, our members, so what better way than screening the most popular as suggested by you? Please jet over to our facebook page and drop us a suggestion!

Also, here is a copy of the latest newsletter:
DAC Newsletter 7th Edition

Episodes for Friday 16th January:
The Pilot’s Love Song – Ep 9 & 10
Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun – Ep 8
Love Stage!! – Ep 8
Black Butler: Book of Circus – Ep 8
Chaika, the Coffin Princess – Ep 8
Samurai Jam – Ep 8
Akame ga Kill – 15 & 16

Hope to see you all there!

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