Greetings everyone, welcome to deakin anime club for 2019.
We have quite a year ahead of us, filled with great events, great anime, and great company here at the club.

For trimester 1, we will be in lecture theater 4, in building b, Friday nights from 6pm. Events run at least once per month, usually on a Saturday.

You will find weekly news posts here, regarding which episodes we will be showing in the Friday night lineup, news on upcoming events, messages from our sponsors, and more.

This Saturday, at 6pm, in lecture theater 4, building b, we will be holding our o-week welcome party for all our new, returning and potential members to take part in.

Next Saturday, in building i, we will be running games night from 6pm. An event featuring gaming. competition and food.
We hope you all can make it!

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