What do we do?

At deakin anime club we are dedicated to bringing a large and wide selection of events in addition to our weekly meetings.

Expect to see any of the following events throughout the year.

Welcome Party- Your introduction to the anime club, and get to know everyone
Games Night-Play for fun or for prizes
All day anime and game marathon- Combine anime, games, snacks for a day of fun.
Member’s choice- You choose what anime we show
Bad Anime Night- Laugh at anime’s biggest mistakes
Film Night- Feature length presentations
Hot spring trip- Relax down at the mornington peninsula hot springs for the day.
English Dub appreciation- Dubs aren’t all bad, let’s enjoy the best of them.
Cosplay Meet-Dress as your favourite characters and hang out.
Karaoke- Let’s hear you sing.
Swap meet- Sell yours or buy someone else’s merch
Trivia Night- Put your anime knowledge to the test
Ramen eating contest- We team up and take on the other uni’s anime clubs in this competition

Former events:
City Tour
Asian Drama Night
Yabaii- bar event

We are constantly looking to do more, so if there is anything you would like to suggest, let a council member know.