Good Morning Everyone

I do apologise for it’s late arrival but we wanted to include the results of Trivia Night into this week’s newsletter. There are a few things we’d like brought to all your attention so please read through the message at the top of the newsletter carefully.

First on the agenda is where we will be screening tonight! Unfortunately as HC2.005 was booked out for tonight, we have had to relocate for this week, we will be screening in building B, on the first floor in room 1.77. If you are unfamiliar of where building B is, it is right before building X on your left, it is a large multi-story building which features nearly all of the Uni’s computer labs, take the stairs down from the main floor and find room number 1.77, that’s where we’re at, I’ve included a basic map into this newsletter.

Without further delay the results of Trivia Night:
1st Place: Team Blank: Dean and Jamie
2nd Place: Team Cyborg Demon Space Lazer Dragons: Sam and Oliver
3rd Place: Team Bblz2.0: Megan and Jennifer
Best Team Name: Cyborg Demon Space Lazer Dragons: Sam and Oliver
Prizes will be given out at tonight’s screening so please try to make it! If however you are unable to make it for whatever reason, please let one of the council members know so that we may hold onto your teams prizes until you are able to attend.

Below is the newsletter:
DAC Newsletter 3rd Edition

We hope to see you all there!

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