We’re back and in full swing

First screening down and second screening in a few days. I’d say the first screening went well!
Just a reminder that we are in HC2.005 for the majority of this Trimester, if you’re unsure of where that is located then just hang a left at the front of the library and follow the bridge down, you’ll see a big building with a timber rooftop and a circular sign saying HC, that’s where we’ll be.

Please just remember to keep noise to an acceptable level and just have a check of the areas surrounding your seats.

This week we are screening:

The Pilot’s Love Song: Ep 2
Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun: Ep 2
Love Stage: Ep 2
Black Butler, Book of Circus: Ep 2
Hitsugi no Chaika: Ep 2
Samurai Jam: Ep 2
Akame ga Kill: Ep 3&4

Also keep in mind that Trivia Night is on this Sunday the 23rd of November. Head on over to the events page to check out all the details. And we hope to see you there both Friday and Sunday!

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