Deakin Anime Club was established in 2001 and it had one purpose, to unite all lovers, admirers, enthusiasts and fans together in the name of Japanese Animation.

It’s our role, our dream, our purpose and our pleasure here at Deakin Anime Club to provide you with the best atmosphere other than your own living room, to watch anime, befriend like minded people, discuss the good, the bad, the downright horrible and the so bad it’s good anime you’ve seen, experienced and lived through, (It’s a dangerous world of anime out there), it’s not just a social experience, it’s like a family, united in their love for anime.

Here at anime club we strive to bring you the best in Anime every Trimester, to achieve this, we’re always asking out members to suggest the anime they like, and we the council the vote on the best of them, for the benefit of the club’s entirety(Obviously we can’t screen certain things, we may all be adults here but there are lines not meant to be crossed(Save those for Bad Anime Night)).

We also host regular events, both anime themed and not, including but certainly not limited to; City Tour, Trivia Night, Video/Board Game Night, a anime themed dance party Yabaii, Laser tag, Christmas Party and my personal favourite Bad Anime Night (Anime so bad it’s good!), we’re always happy for members to have their own say about events they like to see again, or even for brand new events, our members are our club and we’re always finding ways to include you in all aspects.

Who are the faces of your wonderful club?
President: Harry Lodge
Vice President: Helena Plozza
Secretary: Jarrod Yong
Treasurer: Angus Peters
IT Manager: Matt Tompkins
Events Manager: James Katakis
Internal Relations Officer: Nikolas Prentice
External Relations Officer: Vincent Tran

We screen Anime weekly on a Friday, at Deakin University’s Burwood Campus, from 6pm, locations are subject to bookings, to find our location as they change keep an eye out for our weekly newsletters and jump over to our location section for more info.

In Trimester 3, 2018, we are in Lecture Theater 4 , Building b.

Have any inquiries or wish to join the club?
Please do not hesitate to contact us here:

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